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>> yes, i congratulations. john and romaine are going on adventures continue tour in los angeles. >> i'm so glad you picked me, romaine. you made my whole day. >> i hope i make your whole night. >> i hope i make your whole night. >> i know you
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nenenenenebyby ososed ctitiseseseseicicesininc. >>d morning t tnknks joinin... i'm eri tho nini f f flelectiolleeerere cococovegege. icicicics s e e ggg to thesze. poll.... yoyo see thththth moining i lulumbusioioio rhrhap t k s siningeeee they l lddderererererererern n .
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ntntntntntntntntiide 's's's aiaiaiair rcrce tw making a anannound d stopsss icicag t tooooin presenenobobama tahman b b b bry jojossususivivive. >> rororte g g aftnonoon from bosthehemomomostexexpeiviv elelection histos s s in the ndndnds o ovovoters. mimimittneneney on the gouound n ohiohuhunting f stst minute tetes.. c c c castt thei btststs t rnrninopopopopin rblblblic swing stesesooe e e meme, heheadououout fo a anananal in sysysyanan a and ooo mnmn w was b b b brimmin with cococececece about his c c ch inhehe b buckeatatatatatate. fgrgrgrea abtt o r reportehehehe r rnene cacamp ne t t t t t overprpr. popo ssss o o obama a three large --- lrgrg l l l l las nigh
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y y y yrreseses andyoyourororkn nenenenehahampshirwiwillelelp m the ititedtatates.intnt of >>epeporr:r: predede o omama d d th f firadadad are ii chchchagago. thth p psisi pepepey a a a ououou have to tell t the tamam i arereatatththem.. tetetetete t the predede endedhihis r r rioioioio bid emotalally l l ligight t thereresidenttoto allf whwhwho leded a a and b t t th >>epeporteotototh s siss expec ecec t t t t t ththt. ooeyey c campaig think stngngupupupupuppommmn n teters wiwiwill make v victor rtrty. taananrarararadley n n new the adadoo t t t t tee e e e e house runs tghghgh veveralttttttleououndtatatates. e e wa t t states lupupup white house. a thensnsnsns the kaulululululsss h here exexexexn.n.n. teteteteteteter: thi isowow the tototoral votes stac u up ww accoinin abc w ililillnnndecid,d,hhose sta
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apappennnyeyeyeyellow. thth faesesayayay r prenenenobobetetetet back totohehe whithohouse ddd rrritititt ro th pa i isininin loerer. ldldldld inininllaaa, y y yotatatatatahman bdldley re,,, m myyyyyy keeping his c cmpmpai a aododododay,,,md nnnnlvlvania roeyey s say feelsgogoodbbtt ,cacampaign w waterers sa ththatigigigigigightw w w he ks thth's's a lngnghohohohot.ananan eeen n is v v v v virginia virginia is ining t h hsososo of t earlie ret ifprpresenenobobaaa wi i ttttneneney to o o ohi orr the raceovovover. eagagagagic nmbmber2727 ectctor s sanosose eleioio ofofoffialals say s so fassss eg s s smoothly. huhunddsds voters havebebe
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pipipipi b by toasasast th llllots allororning.yoyoyoyoyoya llll 8onononononhthtenenenenen p infofofoforn osose. veveetet up drive- trere i opop-o absentee ballots. hehehehehehe b biggeatatateses n california tgogornrn taxonon eucucioioununding >> rororr:r: hdndndn'ttete he he prprprprprprpr stst important d d decision he dadadaday's steeaallot. prprpr suororeeeeeeeete rnrnrn b bwnwn ashehehehehe w wt vo m m m m mnining many suorort decleee ntntntly the gove s s s sss h h f f f ouououldn'ururprisffff the otctcome isveve a a a sisiti t than y you a a are exexpeg.g.g. or oonon areeelingpopoveveve - >>orororononontsts ar feelingg posi
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> thinkvovote are sggg ththrough theheheriric arou opop aeeettttoror what it iss,hhicisis a ssssee tax >orororter:t t ululdinincrea lett $250,00 a a arrr and a a ad ququarcececent toeee stsss with it schoo wi sese y.y.y.y. >> no on prop 3 30 means bibillions out of schools a a ad thth univertities. yes v v vote blilissff dodoarars totohehechchchlsls. >>epeptetepppponents ofrorororo ayayay tyy a ar't't anti-eduononon, they j jtt ndndled and ininkheheheaaass califoiveesisisisssses out california is laggg g enn it totototopepeperilililil fngg stee ndsds a b billiont t doarar tax ie.e.e.e. we s j j leining our st inroros.s. > rteteteh h h h dedeggggre itit i g going to b c. ee dririri i itssss
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sqsqsqueaker. we m mig nnonoweseseseseststs w w w woeeeninini ovoverhahahas c cpapaigdd hard forhihi afteoooon h's's goingonon a ass >> h h h he's's l l ltt r r r ke proposioio y y a are votnn using nene ducucted fromsroro hehehecks on p p p pititical mpmp 34 r repl l thee d d d pnanalty, 363636evevise thtrtrtrikes law 3737 w would ilelentnt new langngnguuuenenents. 3838pepepepengng tax measure againsprpr >> n n franoooonononfusion at a p p pollinglalace erere vo b b b b b been casngng bas s s yeyeyeararars acace. election officiss shahahat neneneneooooocationss noooo awaway >>s s s is t csususs ee liliss fohehe
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redrnn redirected, which i halfhhisis - s s s s s some y y eyey areotoy beeyeyeyeyeyididttw w w ab ththe n lotitiilililililil eyey showed u ppeperr p penci t t castvevever th llllot t the p p power w w wt out at t c crororoadshuhu vote w were tt t turnedwway.. provisional ballotwewewewe brought popowesssss restored. iyoyohahaverorororororoug nnnnnnorororort to the nu on youscscre:: thththatnunumberssllosososte montnt pllll osose california a n n neweeam wille e onhehe air u u u u e setetet 'l'l'l stay on the air a ghghghghwiwi t the latest inininatatatn.n. you caetetet rl-l-meme rulults
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thh abc7ne. wewe'llaaave updeses ninigh l l at cecebook/a/a/a rorough ititte@@ab n news ba r r r r reses a s s inn the airngngngngngngng c certan eee w w wehehe wn'n't i i intere wiwith y vongng. r recor tpepetutures sssslyly. memeteorologmimimikeninioohahaha ururececection d forasast. > good morning lioopprr loopinovoverhehehe lalaurururururururur, noininerr wawa atat's t t trororow. o our lelet' f focus ononow. lie an vaababledsdsdsndnder high preurure,zezezeze, not a spareheheheaiairaa ststststtctch of tmamanana is awawawawawarmerhahahanagagae on t temraras a a aagagage hi amomomomomostf f i in eee m 6 6 to low 7 7 7ss, lologagas,s,111 r r r rafael. this a a aftnono a alm the s sam
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asas y yesteayay 1 t to 1° aveve temperateses le rdrdghghgh san jose, everhihinggigigiging there'schchch meeilililllol, kikikingewews out eseses liliththththe snene of dededeadly worooooooooti >>lalaterr idududu t t t to thettate'ss ltttttseseserving po wor hinininheheayay arararea. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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♪ ouofof tenenentralllllllllll..
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pocece in f f f frennnn t tcecee faof ashshshtitingt valleyhéhé ononpepeonon ha, fo i injuredncncludinghehe guanan esesnopopoliceayay4242-year-old laenenceononesshsheded up for rkrk tisis morning and began shshshooting k kil coororker andouound three befo t t turnin th o o o o hi eeshshoote cititic ndnditn n wi t two victims. coioioion.ctim s sioio soarar p pocece haveoot didididilolosemomomoveve >huhuge h hororngngngng o for one expncncnced pllwoworknnn n n francisco. teteteyy mcswes s s s the story. >epeptete lilirnrnia secrarary b bonnn co o o o t t thi pngngnge,e,e, n
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anan award t the l lgegestg g l work wouldeee shsssseeeen d this sinceaiaiaia. 4949, t trumanwawas pididident, was aququrrr gallon. haha a askedfofofor a voter'snnd gngneee aaapopopopolling plac nonoe k kwsws. eeee didt00 years inthththe ssssnnisisicict an another arararars nearrvrvin todashshe i s seeing auguge rnrnrnrnrnout. busiest veveveveveveve s see >>epeporte s since you started dodog g th?? >> y yes. epepepr:r:r:erererersooo knknhehehe a arennththeesesesene ofhehe c cy'y's mo s sasasoned t t t meme down to 30 v vs. 38 whwhich a a big thing. >> 3 beususi'i' a c cegegeg stenent.
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eveveven rere tuionon h h hik.. >> rororte o others see vee r r r esesenentotoeehehe most ititalal.. >> ionon wa to see obama out. i i thinopopopoption a ar dididismal. r repr:r:r: aiaiaia has bnn reiziziz b by state for hehe dedicatnn toelelection day shrrrroudlyisisayays meme tag, arartinnn9494949494 irtrtrted as and s sp, i time. started wh h did the a a day. r reptete unltotoday the kenned e e e eneededed vorsrs.. >> for aewewcecece, iueue.. d d th a a appea t that they h d fofor t the nee of kennedy. [ ugug >> reporter: intntnt she be h hon-- hededed toy. isfl i asd d if s she w w wllcocoinie
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three marin county daycare workers are facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of a baby in their care. we went to the magic place children's center in san rafael this morning where four-month-old baby died of suffocation two weeks ago. the center was closed. investigators believe the child's airway was cut off by bedding. the center's owner and two others were taken into custody. south bay man under arrest accused of setting a house fire. a family living in the home was evacuated this morning after calling 911 to report someone tried to set the house on fire. police and firefighters got to the scene shortly before 3
11:50 am
a.m.. investigators quickly determined that a man living in the home caused the fire itch police say mental illness may have a role in the incident. election day turnout is heavy in several storm ravaged areas of new york age new jersey. many voters say they are relieved to be able to vote at all given the devastation of sandy. on staten island they are using tents as makeshift polling places. in new jersey governor chris christie cast his ballot he says 70% of residents where he voted are still without power. new york state allowing people to go to other polling places. >> that nor'easter still on its way? >> still on is way. thankfully everybody can get out and vote today, when it is still calm. nothing to stop us, sunshine, maybe take sun glasses, dress
11:51 am
for summer type warmth if you are going to be standing in line. you can see how still the trees are on the embarcadero, also the flags on the pier and also look at the haze hanging around, you can tell high pressure in control now. let's take a different perspective, we'll look from 23,000 miles out, you can see with this visible satellite clouds are closer to the coast moving east that is the change in the forecast, that will develop late this afternoon and spread throughout our neighborhoods overnight, bringing the cooler weather on the way this is it as far as above average temperatures still in the 60s san rafael, redwood city and antioch mid to upper 60s there everybody else low to mid 70s, 79 in los gatos. our last day of record warmth is today. cooler tomorrow, especially thursday and friday when chilly showers come in they
11:52 am
will be so cool we could have thunder and even small hail thursday and friday. today about 11 to 13° above average. you can enjoy this warmth through the sun setting at 5:05. after that we start the cooling trend. 80 within san jose record high possible second day in a row mountain view 80, 77 millbrae, mid to upper 70s along the coast into downtown south san francisco, sausalito, mid 70s most of the north bay beaches, upper 70s to low 80s for your valleys. pretty much low 80s in the east bay valleys. 76 monterey, 84 watsonville. 87 hollister record high temperatures. late this afternoon into the early evening clouds get close as sea breeze develops along the shore cooling will get there before the clouds,
11:53 am
clouds and marine layer develop overnight is going to bring cooler conditions tomorrow, cloudy for the bay, north bay and to the coast where we may have drizzle. temperatures mainly in the 50s tomorrow morning. this big dome of cold air counterclockwise low around that low means grabbing the air from the arctic, yanking it down pushing it over the ocean shoving it our way, when it does it is going to bring thunderstorms for us thursday, friday if you are driving thursday into friday especially thursday afternoon friday morning 5 to 10 inches of snow down to 7,000 feet and three to five inches of snow below that it will difficulty a little winds 45 miles per hour gusts. tomorrow 10 to 15° cooler than today, under a partly cloudy sky clouds and rain start to come in lucky we'll make it into the 50s and 60s thursday probably won't make it out of the 50s in most areas friday
11:54 am
this is going to be windy, blustery thursday and friday. saturday through monday below average. saturday night into sunday first frost of the season watch out sunday morning you want to cover those plants bring the cats in my case cats, dogs in during the overnight hours. >> kids too. abc viewers opened their hearts and wallets to the victims of superstorm sandy. >> wait until you hear how much they gave during abc's day of giving.
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katie will be on 2:00 today with kelly ripa and michael strahan. >> abc7 news will work around the clock to bring you up to the minute coverage. join us at 3:00 for a special edition of abc news with the latest on the vote. 3:30 world news. followed by live election coverage from abc news at 4 p.m.. >> at 8:00 first bay area results from abc7 news. then abc news returns with
11:58 am
primetime coverage at 8:30. wrap up on abc news at heaven. big thank you to all of you. -- 16.8 million dollars raised for the red cross relief effort so far. >> huge thank you to everyone in the bayyñ yesterday if you can't yet you can still give text abc to 90999 to give $10. you can also call 1-800-help >> thanks in advance. this is the place for election coverage all day long. thanks for joining us, who wants to be a m
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